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Amazon SageMaker Named as the Leader in Enterprise Machine Learning Platforms
By Marc Marti
June 14, 2021

In the recent past, machine learning was a cutting-edge and experimental idea that only the most advanced companies were using because the problems machine learning could solve were still being discovered. Now, artificial intelligence and machine learning are production tools being used to build models and train them to solve new complex problems and even make accurate predictions. This has led to several companies building platforms to support developing these machine learning models and tools and a race to be the best.

Amazon SageMaker was launched in November 2017 and quickly gained adoption by the industry’s best data scientists and engineers but it wasn’t without competition. IBM, Google, Microsoft, and several other companies developed their own tools and incentivized the industry to use their tools as the market competed for the top spot in the hottest tech market to date. Over the next several years, Amazon has integrated SageMaker with a steady stream of new features as Amazon is known to do for all services on its platform. This has consistently made AWS stand ahead of the competition and has established them as the greatest innovator in the market.

AWS has added hundreds of features into SageMaker since it onsets such as data labeling, data preparation, bias detection, feature engineering, monitoring, and automation and also created a web-based development environment where engineers can take advantage of all of these features known as Amazon SageMaker Studio. Amazon SageMaker also integrates with all of the core AWS services, allowing existing customers to integrate the AI and Machine Learning projects into their existing workloads seamlessly.

Many companies have reported the benefits SageMaker has provided their businesses such as Engie, Deliveroo, NerdWallet, Autodesk, Formula 1. Even Amazon has seen the benefits of integrating AI in their work as a part of Amazon Fulfillment Technologies and Amazon Robotics. Amazon SageMaker has been identified as the outright leader in Enterprise MLOps platform by the Omdia comparative review. Across almost every measure, the company significantly outscored its rivals, delivering consistent value across the entire ML lifecycle” according to Bradley Shimmin, Chief Analyst at Omdia.

As AWS continues to lead the industry in tech innovation and is leading the pack in AI and Machine learning development, this is an ideal time to gain a foundation in the AWS platform and fast-track your career in tech. AWS offers several certification tracks for different skill levels and backgrounds that can help you break into the industry. SkillStorm has designed certification courses can help you accelerate your AWS career, to learn more email itcert@skillstorm.com! Our Advisors are ready and waiting!


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