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CIO Magazine: Creating net-new tech talent during the worst talent shortage we’ve seen
August 27, 2020

As U.S. companies see a surge in tech investments, they must look at new ways to develop domestic tech talent to support heavy demand.

While the pandemic struck a blow to employment in most sectors, the tech industry is now seeing improvements as more commercial businesses and federal agencies look for talent to help them deliver on new solutions and make much needed upgrades to their IT infrastructure. According to COMPTIA’s latest report, net IT employment remains up by more than 203,000 positions and IT unemployment is at 4.4%, which is less than half of the national unemployment rate of 10.2%. U.S. companies’ need for tech talent continues to outpace the supply. 

The United States has always struggled to meet the demand for tech skills, and recently it’s only been exacerbated by additional converging factors in the middle of the pandemic. U.S. companies simply can’t source enough tech talent, and need to look at different ways to create this net-new supply of highly qualified tech professionals. 

CEO Justin Vianello shared tips to develop domestic tech talent. Read more in CIO Magazine. 





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