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NextGov: How Nontraditional Hires Can Fill the Tech Talent Gap
By Justin Vianello
September 28, 2020

Many government agencies continue to fall short regarding technology solutions and advancements. The pandemic has only exacerbated the problem, uncovering antiquated processes and systems within the sector. Modernizing the government’s IT infrastructure is critical. Unfortunately, the ongoing tech talent shortage has been worsened by a reduction in H-1B visas and an increase in retirements. 

One solution government IT leaders should consider is targeting nontraditional workers such as recent college graduates and veterans without prior tech experience. These individuals often possess qualities and skills that are just as valuable to IT work as a traditional tech education. In order to successfully implement this alternate recruitment strategy, it is vital for government IT leaders to understand the benefits of targeting this new talent pool, attributes to look for in these candidates and the best practices for helping them acclimate into federal organizations. 

 Check out this article SkillStorm’s CEO Justin Vianello wrote for NextGov where he discusses more ways to improve tech talent hiring. 

 Read more here.


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