Earn, Learn, and get Certified in leading Tech

U.S. Dept. of Labor Registered IT Apprenticeship Program

SkillStorm hires, trains, and deploys hundreds of military veterans and transitioning service members each year—those with and those without prior technology experience. Let us help you put your know-how, clearance, and new tech skills to work solving critical challenges at world-class companies and government agencies.

Learn By Doing And Get Paid

L1 Tech Rep to IT Pro in 12-36 Months

You’ve learned how to effectively follow, lead, and communicate as a member of a cohesive team. These are the soft skills organizations need in their developers, but many are lacking. That’s why at SkillStorm, we are passionate about accelerating your career by giving you the tech skills you need to complement your valued military experience.

Transitioning service members and veterans can join SkillStorm’s IT apprenticeship program with no prior tech experience or college degree. Over the course of 12-36 months, you’ll get paid to progress from an L1 Tech Rep role to a certified, experienced IT Pro!

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Demand for Clearances

Cloud computing is defining the new age of tech. Federal agencies migrating to the cloud are creating an insatiable demand for cloud and cyber engineers. Your clearance makes you a scarce resource. Through SkillStorm’s IT Apprenticeship, you can gain the tech skills you need to maximize your clearance.

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Learn More and Earn More

SkillStorm’s training and certifications in high-demand technologies accelerate your ability to get the high-paying role you’re seeking. While in the IT Apprenticeship Program, you will
get paid to learn the skills that will
jumpstart and propel your career in tech.

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Transferable Skills

SkillStorm is dedicated to accelerating your career by giving you the tech skills you need to complement your valued military experience. You’ll gain the crucial technology skills that, matched with your military experience, will accelerate your tech career.

Get Paid to Get Certified in Today’s Most In-Demand Technologies

SkillStorm is a proud employer of veterans. Our Registered IT Apprenticeship program is designed to jump-start a career in tech and put you in the best position to realize your potential. Get paid, learn more and gain industry-recognized credentials and certifications that will accelerate your career.

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SkillStorm DOL Approved IT Apprenticeship
proud employer of military veterans

Trusted by Top Federal Agencies

The US Government is constantly looking for IT professionals with clearances to join their team a make an immediate impact. SkillStorm is trusted by top federal agencies to help hire, train, and deploy talented tech professionals to fill these in-demand roles. Your background, security clearance, and never quit attitude make vets like you the natural fit.

Here’s How Companies Are Tapping Into a Pipeline of Certified Tech Talent.

Our growing list of Government Agencies and Fortune 500 clients are raving about our DOL Registered IT Apprenticeship Program. And the feeling is mutual. Transitioning service members and veterans are equally excited to become certified IT professionals and put their experience to work.

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We Need Veterans Like You

The IT Apprenticeship Program is designed to give transitioning service members and veterans like you opportunities to put your knowledge and security clearance to work in new, important ways at top federal services companies and government agencies.

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