SkillStorm rapidly builds and deploys IT teams with critical skills in client facilities or in one of our North American based delivery centers. These teams of SkillStorm employees are deployed via one of two delivery platforms:


Our Onsite Technology Services platform mobilizes valuable IT teams at client worksites.


Our Cloud Workforce Solutions platform engages teams in our North American based delivery centers, providing access to new pools of sought-after talent across the nation.



Let SkillStorm power your next IT career move. Our IT consultants and Engineering pros enjoy working with the latest technology and well-respected companies at top pay.
We’re growing fast and looking for exceptional talent to grow with us. SkillStorm offers fast-paced careers in sales, recruiting and corporate support.


Founded in 2002, SkillStorm, a certified MBE (Minority-owned Business Enterprise), specializes in providing services on the leading edge of technology. Our teams are tasked with executing high-impact projects such as developing applications in Agile environments, building mobile apps, harnessing “Big Data’s” potential and strengthening information security efforts for Fortune 1000 and fast-growing tech companies.

Whether working in a client facility or ours, SkillStorm solutions are flexible and scalable. We provide the level of management and reporting to fit client requirements. We can take full responsibility of the project or provide an as-needed style of collaboration through the project lifecycle.

Case Studies

swirlClient: A Fortune 100 Financial Institution
Organization Size: 240,000+ worldwide

Modernizing core banking infrastructure is a major push across all financial institutions, yet obviously information security and smart management of information is a primary concern on any such project. SkillStorm was tasked with supporting the Card Platform Modernization project for one of the world’s largest financial institutions. The task required a project team that included an Oracle Golden Gate SME, a Sr. SOTAIS Chief Engineer and a Sr. Linux/Unix SME.

Although the main concern for this project was information security, SkillStorm assessed and managed the risks (outages, performance problems, regulatory/legal violations) to ensure successful project completion. The project team was assembled by SkillStorm in five days and the project was completed on time and on budget.

This was the first project completed for this particular client within this Financial Institution and resulted in a second project for SkillStorm and, subsequently, an ongoing relationship with SkillStorm. Both of these project support exercises served as the initial proving ground to determine the speed to market, quality and viability of SkillStorm’s recruiting and delivery processes.

swirlClient: High-Technology Organization
Organization Size: 20,100 employees

technologyWorking with high technology organizations demands lean, smart processes, especially when making updates to outdated systems. Any downtime not only costs money and clients, but the damage to a reputation can be detrimental beyond repair. When SkillStorm was asked to replace an outdated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, the scope of the project soon became evident – while replacing the system was necessary for the organization to continue its current fast-growth trajectory – the project encompassed every aspect of its daily business and would also need to remain ISO 9001 compliant for payment card industry (PCI) regulations.

The SkillStorm project team identified a flexible solution that would fit the current needs of the organization and match their growth as needed. The project team members changed throughout the lifecycle of the project in order to remain lean and were housed in a cloud environment managed by SkillStorm so as to not impede the ongoing business of our client. The implementation process was collaborative and the final testing was exhaustive, but the project was completed with minimal interruption to business, on time and within budget.

Our client recognized the return on investment as the new ERP streamlined their delivery process and improved their competitive cost position.

swirlClient: Aerospace Company
Organization Size: 110,000+


In 2007, SkillStorm was hired by the U.S. Army Special Operations Command as part of a team to build classified networks overseas for their use in a number of urgent and ongoing military operations.  These networks not only needed to be highly secure, but they also needed to be robust, servicing tens of thousands of users and mobile to adapt to shifting military strategies.  SkillStorm provided end-to-end support from designing the networks to full implementation and maintenance of the networks in remote and often times, dangerous areas.  They were also responsible for the procurement and ongoing logistical support of the equipment, breaking down and redeploying entire networks based on the Army’s requirements.

As these activities were considered to be mission critical, the team members, who all were required to have high level clearances, needed to be on the ground quickly for the initial phase of the program.  Within 30 days from project initiation, SkillStorm had dozens of team members deployed and working in these remote locations.  And as the Army’s mission evolved over the years, the SkillStorm team proved its ability to quickly adapt and service those needs by moving some of the largest networks numerous times. SkillStorm was so adept at responding to the customer’s needs through the ability to build the right teams rapidly and through effective project management of this large-scale effort, they were eventually awarded the contract to oversee the entire program.  Although SkillStorm has divested of this business unit, that legacy SkillStorm group still holds this contract and continues to perform on it today.

swirlClient: Publicly-Traded Biotech Corporation
Organization Size: 550

biotechCreating a new data center architecture is exactly the type of project that highlights SkillStorm’s ability to manage projects with speed and precision regardless of business environment volatility. When SkillStorm was tasked with such a project, quickly assembling the right team provided an opportunity to spend as much time as needed on the methodical planning of the implementation, without pushing what had been a flexible deadline.

Upon appointment of a new CIO, the biotech corporation tasked SkillStorm with creating a new cloud-ready data center architecture as part of an overall push to modernize and simplify systems. The corporation runs an incredibly lean organization and relied upon the expertise provided by SkillStorm to make the best decisions for their particular needs.

The project team recommended consolidating their current two data centers and separate servers into a standardized and unified environment that was cloud-ready. In this way our client could reduce operating costs while also providing more growth flexibility as the new system – network, storage, and server capacity – can scale up and down as business conditions dictate.



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