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TLNT Contribution: 4 Ways to Integrate Tech Talent From Non-Tech Backgrounds
By SkillStorm
September 18, 2020

In the not-so-distant past, many companies based their tech hiring decisions on where candidates obtained their undergraduate computer-science degrees. Not surprisingly, focusing on hiring graduates from elite universities not only created an environment that was too rigidly focused on technical skills, but it also favored those from more similar backgrounds. Even today, the fierce battle for the best tech talent has recruiters searching for candidates with specific degrees and titles. These searches come up short, as there simply isn’t enough tech talent to meet the growing demand for it. 

Increasingly, companies are realizing that their tech teams would be more effective if they increased their diversity. Not only would this include more women and minorities, but also a greater diversity of thought as a result of different educational, cultural, and regional backgrounds.

For talent management and HR leaders, the goal is to bring the entire team together by helping them welcome different strengths and points of view. 

Check out this article SkillStorm co-founder and co-chairman, Vince Virga, wrote for TLNT where he discusses more on these four best practices to integrate tech talent from non-tech backgrounds:

  1. Be as background-agnostic as possible.
  2. Reinforce different perspectives to solve challenges.
  3. Understand that the two sides may not initially speak the same language.
  4. Assign new tech team members as a mentor within the department.

Read more here.


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