Managed DOL Registered IT Apprenticeship Program

Access Top-Tier Veterans And Transitioning Service Members

SkillStorm’s finds, hires and trains transitioning service members and veterans with a strong aptitude for technology. We offer custom-built 12 to 36-month DOL Registered IT Apprenticeship Programs, transforming your entry-level hires into successful tech professionals.

Streamline Your Access To High-Potential Entry-Level Candidates

Hire IT Apprentices With SkillStorm

Hi, I’m Mike Battaglia, U.S. Army Reservist

I joined the IT Apprenticeship Program, it’s been amazing for me. The company is incredibly happy!

The SkillStorm Managed IT Apprenticeship Model

Upon Apprenticeship completion, you’ll have an employee who is committed to your company and has the skills to advance to a junior-level position.

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We source and thoroughly screen candidates to ensure you’re connected with top talent.

Group 12608

You interview and select the candidates that best align with your company’s needs and workplace culture.

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We custom train the Apprentices during off-hours in the technology stack your business requires.

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Candidates start 12-to-36-month Apprenticeships working on your projects.

Group 12612

Our team provides continuing professional development and support.

Group 12611

We manage all government-required administration and compliance.

Where our Apprentices Work

Transform The Lives of Veterans Today while Building Your Tech Workforce Of Tomorrow.

Finding entry-level tech talent is becoming increasingly difficult as the tech skills gap widens. It’s even more challenging to keep those employees once hired. Military members are the most dedicated resources available. They’ve served our country, spent a career solving complex problems, and thrive working in team environments. Qualities like this are often more scarce than the technical requirements of your entry-level job postings.

Our 12-to-36-month Apprenticeship model bridges the gap between military experience and civilian workforce requirements while teaching sought-after technical skills. Positioning hard-working people in your organization where you need it most: entry-level tech positions.

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We Handle The Process From Start To Finish

SkillStorm handles the administration of the DOL Registered Apprenticeship program from start to finish. We recruit the right candidate and train them in a customized tech stack, preparing them for increased responsibility matching the pace of their technical skill development.

Guaranteed, Committed Resource

SkillStorm guarantees an employee who is committed to the company for 3 years, eliminating the risk of attrition. They are top transitioning veterans who are passionate and eager to learn and advance in the tech field.

Customized Training

The candidates are trained with the technology stack that best fits your company’s digital needs now and in the future. The project-based training with best-in-class industry professional instructors ensures that our talent doesn’t just pass the test; they fully understand how to code.

A Rewarding Career In Tech Is Possible With SkillStorm

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