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Campus Technology: Jacksonville University Building Tech Talent Pipeline
By SkillStorm
October 26, 2020

In an effort to build a pipeline of technology talent in the Jacksonville area, Florida’s Jacksonville University is partnering with tech talent accelerator SkillStorm to provide customized IT training through a new Training Pathway Program.

Open to college graduates and veterans with or without a computer science background, the program is designed to develop IT talent to meet the specific IT needs of commercial and government organizations in Jacksonville, greater Florida and the Southeast, according to a news announcement. In one track, students with a strong technology background will be hired and paid by SkillStorm in a 12-week program focused on learning advanced skills and certification in enterprise technologies, and then deployed to a client company. In a separate track for those without prior coding experience, SkillStorm provides free, self-paced online introductory coding courses. Those who complete the courses and pass a tech screen move on to the aforementioned 12-week program, and finally join a client company.

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