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How to enhance your user experience with mobile apps in Pega 8.5
May 26, 2021

Modern application users have high expectations. Whether you are building an application for internal users or external customers, providing a relevant, engaging user experience has never been more important. For many users, this means having multiple channels of interaction for a single application. If you’re looking for ways to make your applications more relevant to your users, you may want to consider creating companion mobile apps. Pega 8.5 makes it easier to connect mobile users with your Pega-powered applications, extending existing functionality and enhancing the user experience.

Apply custom themes in mobile apps

With the power of Pega 8.5 it is possible, not only to quickly and easily create mobile companion apps for your Pega-powered applications but also to customize the look and feel of these mobile apps. If, for example, you need to apply a specific style or branding to a customer-facing mobile app but would like to apply a different style for internal customers, Pega 8.5 makes it fast and easy to customize mobile app themes in a matter of minutes. By applying different user interface themes, Pega makes it easy to create mobile apps that meet your specific branding and style requirements.

Engage mobile users with push notifications

If you’re looking for ways to more actively engage your users, Pega 8.5 makes configuring and scheduling push notifications easy with a simple, easy-to-use configuration wizard. Traditional mobile app development makes configuring push notification functionality quite cumbersome and maintaining that functionality is a full-time job. When you create your mobile apps in Pega, configuring and maintaining push notification functionality becomes as easy as completing a simple wizard, allowing your development team to focus on more important tasks.


designers development

Track mobile users based on geolocation data

An important point of data for many business entities is keeping track of where their applications are being accessed from. Configuring geolocation is notoriously challenging in traditional mobile development settings. Mobile apps created in Pega 8.5, however, have this functionality built right in, making obtaining this information as easy as running a report within the Pega platform.

Extending the functionality of an existing application by creating companion mobile apps is a great way to increase user engagement and provide a better user experience, overall. In the past, creating mobile apps required a significant investment in resources. Pega, however, has made it easy to quickly create fully functional mobile companion apps with a wide range of configuration and customization options. Mobile apps created in Pega 8.5 also adhere to the design requirements and best practices for both Google and Apple devices.

If you think Pega is the solution to your organization’s mobile apps needs but you are not sure where to get started with the transition to Pega SkillStorm can help you find the qualified tech talent that you need. Shoot us an email at hire@skillstorm.com


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