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SkillStorm Accelerator Program

Accelerate Your Skills

SkillStorm partners with preeminent universities to provide online instructor-led courses leading to recognized industry credentials in today’s most in demand technologies, including training in AWS, Salesforce, and Pega.


AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Course

In preparation for the AWS certification exam, students learn about the foundation of the AWS infrastructure and basic Cloud concepts through a guided, instructor-led environment.

This 4-week online instructor-led course covers an overview of object and data storage services, an introduction to Cloud computing services and serverless services, a high-level overview of networking and private Cloud, as well as best practices and approaches for security and tools for building highly available architectures.

All modules contain quizzes that test your knowledge. The course also offers a practice exam and a comprehensive final exam that provides insight on your mastery of the material.

Accelerate your knowledge and skills. Learn more.

AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification Course

Mastering Cloud architecture design requires a strong foundation in IT concepts. In preparation for the AWS Certification exam, students learn the fundamentals of building IT infrastructure on AWS through a guided, instructor-led approach. Learn how to optimize the use of the AWS Cloud by understanding how its services fit into Cloud-based business solutions.

This 10-week online instructor-led course covers object and file storage services and concepts, virtual Cloud servers and storage types, Cloud monitoring, relational and non-relational databases and caching, domain name systems, highly available architectures, virtual Cloud architecture and security, as well as general best practices.

All modules contain quizzes that test your knowledge and practical challenges to give you the opportunity to apply what you learned in the Cloud. The course also offers practice certification exams and a robust capstone project to complete the course.

Accelerate your knowledge and skills. Learn more.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Course

This online instructor-led course prepares you for the Salesforce Administrator Certification exam. Students learn about the foundation of Salesforce and the key features and functionality of the platform through a guided, instructor-led approach.

In 8-weeks you’ll learn Salesforce organization setup, user management, security and access, standard and custom objects, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, activity and event management, data management, analytics, reports and dashboards, workflow and process automation, desktop and mobile administration, and AppExchange.

All modules contain quizzes that test your knowledge and practical challenges to give you the opportunity to apply what you learn in the Salesforce platform. The course offers practice certification exams and a robust capstone project to complete the course

Accelerate your knowledge and skills. Learn more.

Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant Course

Learn how components such as Next-Best-Action Designer, Predictive Analytics and Interaction History are used to create, simulate and analyze real-time Next-Best-Action decision strategies. Get hands-on experience building strategies for real-time interactions as well as simulating and analyzing their results using Visual Business Director.

This 8-week online instructor-led course will teach everything you need to know about Customer Decision Hub, and the ability to participate in the design, construction of a Pega Decisioning based applications. You’ll be exposed to the Next Best Action paradigm and learn how to apply the decision concepts by implementing the business problem statement, use-cases and business strategies. You’ll also get hands-on experience developing an offer catalog, decision strategies, and Predictive and Adaptive Models.

Accelerate your knowledge and skills. Learn more.

Pega Certified Systems Architect Course

This 8-week online instructor-led course prepares you to pass the Pega Certified System Architect exam by teaching core principles of application development on the low code Pega Platform. Using Pega’s App Studio and Dev Studio, you will Perform common application development tasks, gaining hands-on experience along the way. This project-based learning all takes place within your own personal Pega instance.

All module will contain quizzes to test your knowledge and practical challenges that give you the opportunity to implement solutions in the Pega platform. A robust Capstone project will complete the course.

Accelerate your knowledge and skills. Learn more.

Pega Robotics System Engineer Certification Course

System architects, software developers and other professionals enhance their skills in robotic process automation (RPA) and workforce intelligence through this online course designed to prepare you for the Pega Certified Robotics System Architect exam.

In 8 short weeks you will learn basic functionality, process flow, terminology, and core building blocks of the Pega Robotics Studio. In addition, you’ll understand how to integrate robotic automations with Windows and web applications, and use debugging tools to test the solution. Project management, deployment, interrogation, system integration, interrogation, and interaction framework are also taught in three overarching modules.

  1. Pega Robotics Fundamentals
  2. Automations & Diagnostics
  3. Toolbox & Interaction Framework

Flexible classes give you the ability to access online course material and learn at your own schedule. Certified expert instructors guide you through weekly assignments and optional online classes. All modules contain quizzes to test your knowledge and practical challenges that give you the opportunity to implement solutions in the Pega platform. A robust Capstone project will complete the course. Instructors are always available for 1:1 assistance providing expert knowledge and guidance as needed. Learn more.

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Learn the latest emerging technologies and earn in-demand certifications on our free, mentor-supported online platform, StormSurge.

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No prior coding experience? No problem. StormSurge is your pathway to gaining tech skills and an excellent first step in building a technology career.

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StormSurge courses are self driven. Take classes at your own pace from our world-class trainers and pros.

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Work with your peers in collaborative online classes and get support from SkillStorm mentors whenever you get stuck.

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Considering a Tech Career?

Learn Online with StormSurge

Many of our online programs are designed for learners with little-to-no programming experience, making them an excellent starting point to launch your tech career.


Introduction to Coding

Introduction to Coding is a full course that combines four micro-courses: Object-Oriented Programming, Programming in Java, Data Structures, and Relational Databases and SQL.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Explain basic object-oriented programming fundamentals such as encapsulation, inheritance, abstraction, and polymorphism
  • Construct basic Java application logic and code, such as variables, conditional and iterative execution, methods, loops, etc.
  • Identify how common data structures are implemented and be able to appropriately leverage the Java Collection API
  • Apply algorithmic logic for sorting, searching, and other foundational problems
  • Store, manipulate, and query data in a relational database using SQL

Introduction to Pega

Build an enterprise-ready application with little-to-no code using the Pega platform! The model-driven, unified approach in Pega increases your productivity as a developer–allowing you to build more robust applications faster. Don’t start from scratch, join the Pega community.

In this course, you’ll learn foundational Pega concepts, such as:

  • Pega Application Design
  • Case Management
  • Data Modeling
  • UI Design

Full-Stack Java Development

Upskill your full-stack knowledge with the modern approach to developing Web applications. Learn the basics of building a UI with Angular. Develop a Java back-end with Spring Boot and a MySQL database and learn how to put it all together.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to develop a full-stack Web application leveraging a variety of modern technologies:

  • Angular
  • Typescript
  • HTML and CSS
  • Ajax and HTTP
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Data JPA
  • MySQL

AWS Cloud Practitioner

Migrate your tech skills to the Cloud! Amazon Web Services is one of the top Cloud providers in the world. Learn about AWS global infrastructure and the most in-demand AWS services. Prepare yourself for the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification to prove your knowledge in the foundations of AWS.

In this course, we will show you how to work with AWS with hands-on activities. You’ll get practice tests to prepare for the first level exam offered by Amazon Web Services: the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

Learn online with StormSurge

The online Intro to Coding class was just what I needed, a great stepping stone. The online mentor was really there for me and was actually invested in my success.

Susan Barrett


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Training Military Veterans for Rewarding Tech Careers

StormSurge offers free, online tech training and certifications that can rapidly prepare transitioning service members and veterans for elite technology careers.

No coding experience? No problem. StormSurge is your online resource for gaining the in-demand tech skills Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, and military agencies need.

I would tell any veteran thinking about how to get into tech to definitely consider SkillStorm, I’ve gained multiple certificates and project experience which has helped me transition to a new career.


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