Technology Services

SkillStorm is a flexible extension of your IT Workforce that aligns with your business goals.
We are your technology enhancement partner.

SkillStorm is NOT a staffing company. We are NOT an employment agency, a resume slinger or a body shop either. We are NOT in the business of finding IT employees, placing them in front of a screen in your office and checking back with you every six months. Our onsite technology services are tailored to help Business & IT departments improve overall performance, realize cost savings, increase ROI and reduce operational risk. We ARE a flexible extension of your IT department.

Every SkillStorm team member or “Stormer” is a valued member of our organization and, as such, makes the same pledge to every client and project:
Urgent. We deliver on your schedule.
Precise. You can expect predictably accurate results.
Engaged. We will provide focused personal attention.

swirlOur services are flexible:

You need an IT team to build your strategy, implement it and align it with your business goals – we’ll do it!  Your internal IT team is at capacity and you need to complete a strategic initiative without interruption? No problem.

swirlOur processes are flexible:

We are technology and methodology agnostic. We will work to your standards and exceed your expectations.

swirlOur timing is flexible:

We build IT teams fast. It’s what we are known for. Need 30 people in 30 days? You got it. Need them in 3 months… now, that’s easy!

swirlOur management is flexible:

You want us to oversee the entire project including strategic oversight? No problem. You prefer a hands-on approach? No problem.

swirlOur contract is flexible:

Fixed Price or T&M. We work anyway you need.

Interested in working with us? Drop us a line and you will chat with real people, living and working right here in the United States!
Try it, it’ll be fun!

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